Working at Playsnak

Join us as we take our first steps on an ambitious journey into the future!
We are a young start-up company that just received major investment to pursue our goal of producing high-quality VR content and publishing mobile games that smash through traditional industry barriers.

It goes without saying that our ambitions can only be achieved with the right people: enthusiastic, talented people who share our vision and believe in our goals.
If you want to join a team of videogame veterans who are as passionate about games today as they were when they first pressed “play”, please check our job openings and get in touch!

We'd love to meet you if ...

• You like having fun. After all, we’re in the entertainment business
• a privilege that’s best honored by enjoying yourself at work.

• You’re inquisitive by nature. We’re a small team helping one another across multiple disciplines, so taking an interest in what everybody else is working on is really important to us.

• You’re passionate about the things you love and enjoy sharing your enthusiasm with others.
• You consider your work an enrichment of your life, not a chore to get over and done with.

• You’re pragmatic, capable of improvisation, and willing to embrace chaos every now and then.
• You’re not set in your ways and agree with us that the day you stop learning will be the day you die.

• You have guts. Making decisions isn’t always easy, especially if you’re facing a potential backlash – but you won’t back down if you really believe in something.

• You trust your instincts. We are a data-driven company but numbers only go so far.
Sometimes it takes intuition to achieve greatness.

Can't see your dream job? Don't worry, we're always looking for talented and passionate people interested in working at Playsnak.
So Please go ahead and send us your CV if you think you're a person we really need to meet!