In the summer of 2015 our founder and CEO, Paha Schulz, decided to pursue his vision for a new kind of next generation gaming company, and Playsnak was officially born.

Tapping into over 15 years of insight from the front line of the games industry, Paha laid the foundations for the future of Playsnak by putting together a co-founding team with a wealth of experience in senior leadership roles. Playsnak’s innovative business model was then pitched to potential investors around the world, securing a start-up seed investment in the second half of 2016. A few months later, the Playsnak office opened its doors in Berlin, with the core team growing to include more industry experts who shared a passion for bringing the global mobile and VR games markets closer together.

Today, we’re looking forward to all that the future holds and are already pouring our passion for gaming into making the original vision for Playsnak a reality. If you love games, tech, and ambitious ideas, you might just fit right in! Check out our Jobs section to see our current vacancies – we’d love to hear from you.


Paha Schulz

Founder & CEO

Won Yi

Co-Founder & Operating Director

PJ Esteves

Studio Director

Martin L’Heureux

Game Director

Peter Schmidt


Woong-Nam Kim

Senior Programmer

Oh-Sung Kwan

DevOps Manager

Laurie Cheers

Senior Programmer

Benjamin Durski


Dominik Luedtke

3D Artist

Haein Lee

Graphic Designer

Vivien L. Rogerro

Development Manager

Tim Loftus

Community Manager

Jos van Laar

Lead Level Designer

Nils Mlynarek

UI/UX Designer

Jürgen Miersch

3D Artist

Vlad Lomnasan

Level Designer

Dan Falta

Principal 3D Generalist

Angelo Bod

Senior Producer

Yannick Pawils

Game Designer

Johannes Mayer

Level Designer

Dennis Bölke

3D Artist

Iurii Pavliuk

Senior Programmer

Malin Arvidsson

Studio Audio Director

New Member