You are a video games enthusiast with a passion for animation? Do you love the craft of animation, mocap, rigging, and adding characters to the game? Well, you may just be the right person for us. Our ideal candidate enjoys working in small teams and is passionate about creating animations that push the medium forward. We are looking for an Animator to come with us on an adventure wrought with untold dangers, chaos, and treasures. Still interested? Read below…

Your tasks

  • Work with the team on animation (animals, creatures, characters, rigging, cloth simulation, crowd simulation, and all things gameplay-related
  • Strong ability to translate character and bring nuance to animations. Excellent observation skills, and ability to identify key elements for interesting movement. Excellent awareness of timings. Strong artistic skills, a good eye for detail and quality
  • Additional creative specialist skills evident.
  • Work alongside other designers, artists, and programmers to create animations that look stunning
  • Create and maintain documentation for animation
  • Integrate feedback from Animation Director, and the Creative Officer

Required skills/experience

  • First experience in Unity 3D and/or Unreal
  • Skinning/ rigging of in-game characters and models
  • Creation of character animations, poses, cycle loops
  • Good knowledge of timing, weight
  • Creation of model animations
  • Support animation technical guidelines
  • Support animation technical guidelines
  • Meet animation quality guidelines
  • Scripts to improve workflow
  • Animation planning support
  • Motion capture cleanup
  • Evidence of good artistic skills, animation ability, and potential to develop
  • Strong knowledge of main art pipeline tools, Maya
  • Strong knowledge of Unity/Unreal editor tools
  • Strong knowledge or appreciation of game production animation techniques and guidelines
  • Participation in solving problems
  • Knowledge share, mentoring general techniques
  • Passion for playing and creating games
  • Fluent in English
  • Highly self-motivated
  • Keen sense of art and aesthetics
  • No drama and fun to work with

Preferred skills/experience

  • Portfolio of work demonstrating level design and scripting skills
  • Completed personal (game) projects
  • Able to work in VR without getting sick (don’t worry we can test you during an onsite)
  • Experience with Spine 2D is a bonus
  • Experience with Adobe After Effects and Premiere is a bonus
  • Experience with 2D Animation is a bonus