Aya Update Released

Be ready for Update 14 which brings you the fourth and last team member of the Wanted Killer squad. Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Aya   - a deadly assassin who silently takes out her enemies from a distance, making good use of her trusty sniper rifle! Besides an all-new...

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Teo Update Released

Today, we're happy to announce Update 11 which brings you an all-new playable character! Say hello to Teo, a brawler who is most efficient in close quarter combat, taking out foes with his baton and shotgun. Unlike Ricky and Mia, Teo has the unique ability to also...

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Co-op is here!

For the last couple of weeks we have been working hard on the promised co-op feature (you can find the full release roadmap here), so we're very happy to deliver the good news that from now on you will be able to play the game with a friend. Christmas coming early...

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Loot Update Released

Update 8 brings you what you've all been waiting for - finally there is LOOOOOOOT  From now on, there are 5 different enemy tiers - higher tiers mean stronger enemies but also a higher chance of a rare weapon drop! Which brings us to... GUNS! There are now 5 different...

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