Be ready for Update 14 which brings you the fourth and last team member of the Wanted Killer squad. Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Aya 


 – a deadly assassin who silently takes out her enemies from a distance, making good use of her trusty sniper rifle!

Besides an all-new playable character, we also added 3 new rifles…

…a brand-new map…

…and a wide variety of under-the-hood improvements such as a complete AI overhaul. Here is the full list of what you will find in today’s update:

  • New character Aya, with tutorial and 8 missions
  • New map “Factory” (playable in campaign)
  • New enemy “Sniper Rifle Guy”
  • Returning boss “Spider Mom”
  • 4 new weapons:
    • Bifrost N10-N50 sniper rifle
    • Bolt V120-V520 sniper rifle
    • Medusa S-S5555 sniper rifle
    • Blazer 5000-9000 laser rifle
  • AI overhaul
  • Lobby tutorials
  • Loot & weapon upgrade overhaul
  • New art pass on “Docks”
  • General bug fixes

There you have it guys, we hope you’re going to enjoy being Aya as much as we did during our play tests! 


 As always, thanks for all the love and support. Don’t forget to let us know what you think about Aya and stay tuned for the final release of the game