Last week, Berlin played host to video game enthusiasts from around the globe for the annual gamesweekberlin. At Gamefest, part of gamesweekberlin, there was a dedicated exhibition space for VR and AR developers. Of course, we took that opportunity to share a little something of our own.

On Friday and Saturday, we invited Gamefest visitors to go hands-on with our futuristic hoverbike racer Neon Seoul: Outrun and soon-to-be-released bullet time shooter Wanted Killer VR.

Neon Seoul: Outrun is a fast-paced racer that takes place in a cyberpunk universe where the AI mankind created has become their gods and a new breed of rebel has emerged – The OutRunners. Weaving through seas of automated vehicles, operating off the grid, these rebels risk their lives on hoverbikes built for insane speeds. Welcome to the future. Welcome to Neon Seoul. Where speed is a state of mind. Neon Seoul: Outrun is available in Early Access on Steam, Oculus and Viveport.

Wanted Killer VR is a frenzied first-person shooter that puts you in charge of the WK4: a trigger-happy squad of mercenaries on a mission. Choose which of the crew’s four heroes to play as, and use their teleportation powers and sharpshooting skills to fight your way through the ranks of an organization that wipes out anything – and anyone – messing with their bottom line. Wanted Killer VR will be available on Steam Early Access later this month.

You can find some impressions of Gamefest in the gallery below.