Today, we’re happy to announce Update 11 which brings you an all-new playable character! Say hello to Teo, a brawler who is most efficient in close quarter combat, taking out foes with his baton and shotgun. Unlike Ricky and Mia, Teo has the unique ability to also teleport to live enemies, giving him a leg-up in point blank situations.

We also shuffled some missions around and changed the character selection for certain missions. Our goal was to make sure that the playstyle of the character chosen for a certain mission is in tune with the specific layout of the respective map. For example, did we put Teo in more contained maps such as Ship while Mia will be playing in spacious areas such as Skyscraper. While this does affect your level progression, it will have no impact on your player stats such as character or gun levels.

This means that you might end up replaying missions you have already completed before, but they will feel better and much closer to what we want to achieve with the full release. We understand that losing progress can be frustrating, but we’re convinced that in the end you will appreciate the improved quality and enjoy the game even more! 

On top of that, there are also three new weapons…

…and a new enemy type Grenade Gunner:

As always, you can find the full list of what to find in this update here:

  • Teo – new character, with special “charge” teleport ability and baton
  • Several missions reassigned, reordered and given new voice over intros for all levels (no new audio for Ricky yet)
  • One new mission, for Ricky: “Moonlight Brawl”
  • 3 new shotgun types:
    • “Cobra K” → Acid Thrower Full-Auto Shotgun
    • “Model T-101” → Ice Shotgun with spin-around active reload
    • “Thunderbird” → Crackling “Shock-Gun”
  • New enemy – “Grenade Gunner” (in the new mission, as well as in Horde mode)
  • Balancing and elemental effects pass for all guns
  • Rifle enemies now fire volleys of fast-moving bullets
  • Many new visual effects
  • AI behavior tweaks and improvements
  • Fixed a bug, where In some situations, settings were failing to save
  • Fixed a bug, where players were sometimes able to play missions as the wrong character
  • Fixed a bug, where SMG enemies now pop out of cover for longer
  • General bug fixes

There you have it guys, we really hope you’re as excited about the update as we are! 


 Thanks for all your support and let us know what you think about Teo.