In Wanted Killer VR, complete freedom of movement is paramount to your survival. At face value, that might not sound much different from other VR shooter titles. However, Wanted Killer VR has a unique blend of locomotion options that allow for truly fluid VR gameplay.

If you want to move short distances or adjust your cover position outside the reaches of your play area, we provide headset-driven free locomotion via a combination of thumbstick movement and gaze direction.

But that is just covering the basics. We also came up with a new movement system called “Tactical Teleport”, which lets you move towards a specific location in bullet-time while the enemy (and their bullets) move in slow-motion. Take advantage of this by changing your position to a more advantageous one, like higher ground, or simply to flank the enemy. Teleportation can only be used on specific targets: momentarily after killing an enemy (only while their pink ghost is visible, which will fade within a few seconds), between waves, and within special zones.

There are two types of teleportation. Holding down the teleport button will put you into “Slow teleport”, while releasing the button will instantly beam you to the target.

Slow Motion Teleport:

Instant Teleport:

You can dodge bullets and melee enemies when you are in slow teleport, but you can only change direction by successfully shooting the next teleportation target with your teleport beam. It feels great in VR and is a fun superpower that puts you into some very intense situations!

Wanted Killer VR will release this month, so stay tuned for more updates very soon! “