Update 5 brings you Mia, the latest addition to the WK4 squad. While she can’t hold two guns simultaneously and take out her enemies akimbo-style like Ricky does, she also has a trick up her sleeve! As a rifle specialist, she’s always carrying only one weapon at a time – preferably an SMG – which she can shoot with one hand or both, the latter option increasing accuracy significantly. Very handy when shooting bad guys in the distance!

On top of an all-new playable character, there are also two new enemy types including a boss,

… four new weapons

… three new maps

… and much much more! You can find the full list of what to find in this update here:

  • Added three new levels: Ship, Docks and Warehouse
  • Added a new character: Rifle expert Mia
  • Added four new weapons
  • Added two new enemy types: Spider Mom and Explosive Spider
  • Added two new chapters with four missions each:
    • Oblivion
      • Memento
      • Ocean Dust
      • Linebacker
      • The Escape
    • Epiphany
      • Rampage
      • Thin Air
      • Lumberjack
      • Beastmaster
  • Additional setting for left-handed people added
  • Arm and hand poses improved
  • Bug fixes:
    • Improved visibility of Survival Mode button
    • Fixed hand pose clipping
    • Fixed Hotkey H to hide hands
    • Fixed missing center camera
    • Fixed teleport beam not activating on thumb stick press
    • Fixed incorrect CEO VO in Nightfall
    • Balanced gun levels
    • Fixed various LIV issues
    • Fixed never-ending Survival waves
    • Fixed post process layer for occlusion culling
    • Fixed missing gun issue after long teleport
    • Balanced defense in Genetics Lab
    • Fixed gun drop issue (when last shot is empty)
  • Additional AI obstacle avoidance added
  • Smaller UI improvements added

We’d like to thank all players who have supported us thus far and we’re super excited to hear your thoughts on our biggest update yet!

Get It Now!

To check out the Mia update on Steam Early Access, Click Here and don’t worry if you’re a Rift player, as we will add these features also to the Oculus version of the game which will be released very soon.