Update 2 brings a little bit of darkness in the form of an all-new amazing view on our Skyscrapers panorama at night with ambient lights coming from neon billboards and the stars in the sky, giving it an eerie look. Exactly there you will have the chance to experience a new mode called “Lightning Strike” for the first time. Don’t let GENETIC MINDS grill you alive, so keep teleporting fast enough – or rather, slow enough!

It also seems that CEO Kincaid has heard about your recent successes which is why he deployed a new killing machine to stop you once and for all. Welcomes you with bullets: The Drone Storm.

But that’s not all. The generous CEO treated two of his best troopers to better weapons – Superior SMG and Shotgun soldiers received upgrades with two new shiny and even more deadly guns!

And there’s still more than that. Here’s the full list of what you will find in Update 2 (codename: Nightfall):

  • New enemy type “Drone Storm” added: They will keep players on their toes while hovering in mid-air and shooting from above
  • Better enemy weapons: Super Shotgun Guy and Super SMG Guy have new weapons now that are much more powerful and also look badass
  • New setting “Skyscrapers Nightfall” added featuring dramatic lights, neon sign billboards and stars in the sky
  • New chapter “Nightfall” with 4 brand new missions added: Dark Sky, Quicksilver, Matrix, Nightfall
  • New mission type “Lightning Strike” added: Players will need to teleport in order to reset a death countdown while fighting enemies and surviving for a certain time (missions: Quicksilver, Matrix)
  • Lobby improvements: character selection, weapon stats, mission selection
  • Minor performance improvements in “Subway”
  • Improvements to tutorial mission “Time Manipulation”: objective timer increased by 50%
  • Medium difficulty boss fights integrated in earlier levels
  • Dougal Burns (Flamethrower Guy) boss fight improved and polished: audio tweaks, spawn position, entrance animation
  • VO improvements and new lines added
  • Various smaller UI improvements
  • Minor tweaks, bug fixes and improvements

As always, we’re very excited to hear your feedback, especially about the new mode!

But wait, there’s one more thing. If you look close enough, you might be able to find out who will be joining the WK4 squad in our next big update. Exciting times!

In the upcoming weeks, we will add these features also to the Oculus version of the game which will be released very soon.

To check out the latest update on Steam Early Access, click here!