XR Research

WE ARE PIONEERING THE FUTURE OF COMPUTING On the RnD front, our primary focus is on XR technologies with an initial focus of VR. At Playsnak we believe that the research we do now will define the computing language of the future that is more based on human to software interactions rather than human to hardware to software. With the help of government like Pro FIT-Program of Investitionsbank Bank Berlin and European Fund for Regional Development (EFRE), our VRDK (Virtual Reality Development Kit) we have created a suite of tools that will give developers a peak into our process with licensable solutions for free-roaming, arm-hand-finger simulation, and even some tools for nausea. We are always open to hearing about new experiences, games, or software that can push the boundaries of our technology and XR in general. Contact us below and let’s work together to move forward into this brave new world.

Games and Software Development

GAMES DRIVE INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY. Our team of veteran game developers are pioneering innovative software and tools for XR, new VR concepts, and standalone VR games. With the core of our development having an average of fifteen plus years of dev experience we have seen multiple console generations and are comfortable with being on the bleeding edge of games and software development. At Playsnak we’re also constantly on the lookout for opportunities to merge our exciting VR ideas with games created by and with our second- and third-party development partners.


The mobile games market is home to thousands of hidden gems that will sadly never get the credit or attention they deserve. As a group of people who have been passionate about video games our whole lives, that breaks out our hearts. For us, righting that wrong is the primary reason we want to put our expertise to work in supporting talented developers whose games need help to be seen, heard, and played. If you have a mobile title, VR-capable or not, and are looking for a publishing partner, we can help. We’re always interested in talking to passionate developers about their creations – and if a business opportunity arises along the way, then even better! You’re in good company. Even though Playsnak is just up and running, we’ve already had the privilege of receiving major investment from backers and forging an alliance with a leading South Korean developer. We’re also in advanced talks with several other Asian game developers about how we can help them to broaden their horizons and reach new players around the world. Sign up for our newsletter to hear our exciting announcements first! The fact our initial line-up of games will come exclusively from Eastern territories is no coincidence. We’re passionate about rewriting the rules in the mobile market, and we believe the ongoing fragmentation between Eastern and Western gaming success stories is a pattern just waiting to be broken. In our view, a great game will be a great game anywhere if adapted the right way. At Playsnak, creating a smooth pathway for the cultural exchange of great games is our specialty and our humble contribution to making the world a “funner” place!

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